The Hanai Foundation

Hanai_Logo_4C_horz_FNL_500pxwideAbout the Hanai Foundation

The word hanai means “to nurture.” In the old Hawaiian culture, children were told they were shining bowls of light, put here to illuminate spirit’s greatness. All children were taken care of and loved. A child that was given by its parents to a trusted family member to raise was referred to as hanai. There is no shame or stigma attached to the term hanai, only love and acceptance. In modern times this term  has grown to include close family friends, no matter their age.

I have chosen to honor this ancient custom, by embracing its overarching philosophies and sharing them with others through establishing a 501c3 non-profit foundation that proudly bears its name.

The Hanai Foundation’s Mission statement is:

“To honor nurturers and their families by supporting people and organizations
that focus on individual wellbeing.”

Our long-term goal is to build a multi-generational, non-denominational center which will serve as a model for creating connection and community.

The Hanai Center will offer a safe place where where all ages are welcomed and encouraged to share their knowledge, to ask questions, to connect with others, and to build a strong community of relationships for all.

The center will also provide a safe haven for families to rebuild, anchor, and discover new ways to navigate the challenges of parenting and relating.  Our intention is that all who attend and participate feel part of this circle of community, and depart with an understanding that they are not alone.

To support this vision, The Hanai Foundation will develop collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations, and support the community through donations, grants, and revenue from successful events.

Our goal is to create a long term, sustainable model that can be replicated in communities throughout the country.

All proceeds from sales of Letting Go Again, will go to support the aims and goals of the Hanai Foundation.

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